Longosphere Glamping

Longosphere Glamping

Yeni Mh, Longosphere Glamping, Sislioba Yolu, İğneada/Demirköy/Kırklareli, Turkey, İgneada, Kirklareli Province, Turkey

It is up to you to take the stress out of the whole week and turn a two-day gap into an unforgettable memory. İĞNEADA AND LONGOSPHERE GLAMPING is waiting for you, which has a magnificent nature with its coast, flooded forest and lakes and gives you the right to spare time with activities that can be done. Longoz (subasar) type forest area; It is a forested area whose base is covered with water during the spring-winter season, where precipitation is high. Longoz Forests National Park, located in İğneada Town of Demirköy District of Kırklareli Province, is located on the Black Sea coastline near the Bulgarian border and covers an area of ​​3155 hectares. Longoz Forests are registered as the 39th National Park of our country. İğneada town, where the National Park is located, is 27 km from Demirköy district, 97 km from Kırklareli city center and 237 km from Istanbul. The National Park area consists of two parts, the city center of İğneada is located between these two parts. The southern part of the National Park is Saka Lake, Sea Lake, Hamam Lake, Pedina Lake, Mert Lake and reed areas around these lakes, flooded forests and deciduous forests; The northern part of the National Park consists of Lake Erikli and the reed areas around it, and the flooded forests surrounding this region. In addition to this, Dupnisa cave, Aya Nikola Monastery, Mahya Mountain, Hell Waterfalls, Hamam Lake, Hızırbey Mosque, Vize Küçük Ayasofya, Sislioba Castle, Volçan Bridge over Rezve stream, Demirköy Foundry, French lighthouse, Begendik village, Stair waterfalls, Arcadia wine vineyards, and wine vineyards of Chamlija.


Tel: 444 5267 (CAMP)

Mobile: 0549 838 93 21 (Mobile)

Email: info@longosphere.com

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