Historical Museum – city of Malko Tarnovo

Historical Museum – city of Malko Tarnovo

Малко Търново, България, Burgas Region, Bulgaria

The Malko Tarnovo Historical Museum presents six expositions – the first one houses the archeological monuments discovered in recent decades in the sites around and in the city. Most of the archeological sites were discovered during the Strandzha-Sakar program, led by Prof. Alexander Fol. That is why in this exposition we present to our visitors a small documentary exhibition in his memory. The epigraphic monuments are arranged in a lapidarium in the courtyard of the museum. The icon painting is presented in a separate exhibition with samples by Strandzha masters. A special place is given to the new history and the Transfiguration Uprising, and in the ethnographic collection are collected authentic objects and clothes for the East-Russian ethnographic region, to which the Malko Tarnovo region belongs. An exciting meeting with the Strandzha nature awaits you in the Nature Collection – enroll in an unusual “language course” and if you are not afraid, enter the “Dark Room” to feel the Strandzha night forest. The latest thing you can see is an exhibition “Intangible cultural heritage of Strandzha”, representing firefighting, the White Mummer, Strandzha chapels and saints, who are especially revered. If you spend more time, take advantage of watching movies about firefighters and Kukes games, we also offer additional information materials so you can sit and read selected articles related to the intangible cultural heritage of Strandzha and this – under the monotonous rhythm of firefighting music. The Malko Tarnovo Historical Museum also has a carpet workshop with a demonstration. You can sit on an authentic loom and try to weave, as well as buy a unique hand-woven product.


p.k. 8162

town of Malko Tarnovo

1A Konstantin Petkanov Street

Landline: 05952/36 64

Mobile phone: 0886 647223

E-mail: histmuseum_mt@mail.bg

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